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This is THE ONE!

AceConnectMe makes business card exchanges effective, efficient and effortless for people from all walks of life, yet maintaining a user-friendly interface with convenient features.

Effective Personal Branding

Upload images/clips to leave a greater impression and people will remember you forever!

Flexible Exchange

Exchange your e-business cards whenever and wherever you want. Face to face exchanges are no longer necessary!

Organizing Contacts

Store all your business contacts into one organized space and effortlessly search for someone, saving much needed time!

Hassle-free Updates

Update your details digitally and save costs from re-printing!

Real-time Notifications

Your network are notified automatically of your updated details, saving much effort to notify individually!

Ditch those Traditional Business Cards! Download AceConnectMe Now!

Be Professional

Do a lot more for just S$1.99 monthly
(or S$20.00 yearly)




S$ 1.99 Monthly or S$20.00 yearly offer


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Some Happy Users

Tried AceConnectMe for free. Got hooked. Subscribed to Professional version. Definitely didn’t disappoint. Feeling like a professional networker now.

Digital Marketer, Singapore

Nicholas N.

Since my job requires me to carry a laptop and many documents during client meeting sessions, an app like AceConnectMe really eliminates the hassle of carrying a stack of business cards.

Financial Planner, Singapore

Kelly T.

With AceConnectMe, I don’t have to manually key in business cards one by one, and all my contacts are stored in one organized space, saving me so much time!

Digital Marketer, Singapore

Darien K.

If you want to know more about the app or the features, leave a message and email and we will get back to you!